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Welcome to the Florida Irish Heritage Center website and blog.

This website features short posts about persons, places, events and activities of significance to the Irish in Florida.  By necessity, most of these posts are condensed versions of original feature articles.  In addition, we sometimes embed a few small photos or videos into the blog articles.  If you would like to read longer versions of these articles, with larger format photos, or read some of the source material for these articles, then click on the following link:


The documents there are mostly in PDF format, have page numbers, and have been formatted to print in standard 8.5″x11″ pages.

Our YouTube channel has hundreds of interesting videos about the Florida Irish, music, travel, food and fun at the following link:


 This website is maintained by Timothy Lunney, a resident of Lake Worth, Florida. I’m a native of Maine and a graduate of St. Paul’s School ASP (Class of 1969) in Concord, NH, Pinkerton Academy (Valedictorian of the Class of 1970) in Derry, NH and Darmouth College (A.B. and Certification in Urban and Regional Studies – Class of 1974) in Hanover, NH. I’ve been a resident of South Florida since 1977. I presently serve as the Executive Director of the Florida Irish Heritage Center, am the South Florida Irish-American Culture Examiner for Examiner.com and am the proprietor of BOOKCYCLE BOOKS.

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4 responses to “Welcome & Video

  1. richard

    do you have a physical address or just web-based information?

  2. Richard – At this point in time, the Florida Irish Heritage Center is a web-based educational service. We have no budget, don’t require membership, and rely upon volunteers. Someday, after we have accumulated enough material to mount exhibits, we might set up a permanent display somewhere. Since most of the historical sites relating to the early Irish in Florida are in North Florida, St. Augustine would be the appropriate location for any future physical location.

  3. Excellent work and I am glad I discovered it.

  4. Vicky Rice

    Do you have a phone number to speak to someone ?

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