This website is operated as a free educational service. If you would like to support the Florida Irish Heritage Center, please visit the Florida Irish Heritage Center Store (an store) at the link below:


We sell Florida Irish-themed books, magazines, CD’s, DVD’s, MP3 downloads, clothing, jewelry, accessories and gifts. We even have an Irish Grocery. Have fun browsing and shopping.


2 responses to “Store

  1. Brenna O'Shea Cagiano

    I have written a book named Patrick: The Irish Immigrant. You can order it through Would you be interested? My e-mail is I could e-mail you more information about myself and the book.
    Thank you,
    Brenna O’Shea Cagiano

  2. Judy Gross

    How does one add an Irish organization to this list and how does one add events like a St. Patrick’s Festival and Parade in Tallahassee?

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