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We’re back – sorry for the long absence!

We’re back in South Florida after a very long stay in Maine. If you go to Portland, Maine be sure to visit the Maine Irish Heritage Center.

I apologize for the long period of inactivity on this website. The Florida Irish Heritage Center is a web-based entity only. There is no physical “Center” yet. Over the years we have compiled a large amount of exhibit-worthy material. Now that we are back in the Fort Lauderdale area, we’ll be looking for an appropriate place to mount some exhibitions about Florida’s Irish history and culture.


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Irish Santa’s Helper – Florida Irish Heritage Center Store

If you’re an Irish Santa, looking for Irish-themed gifts for all your Irish friends and family, the Florida Irish Heritage Center on-line store is the best place to begin your search:

Florida Irish Heritage Center Store

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About our Blog


Our Blog features short articles about persons, places, events and activities of significance to the Irish in Florida.  By necessity, some of these articles are condensed versions of the original articles.  In addition, we sometimes embed a few small photos or videos into the blog articles.  If you would like to read longer versions of these articles, with larger format photos, or read some of the source material for these articles, then click on the following link:




The documents there are mostly in PDF format, have page numbers, and have been formatted to print in standard 8.5"x11" pages.


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Our Logo

How did we choose the logo for this website?


The Irish harp has long been a symbol of Ireland.  In the early 1500’s, the harp was depicted on Irish coins.  In modern times, the harp has become the official symbol of Ireland.  Today, the harp is also used as the State Seal of the Republic of Ireland…


 …and from this perspective, it resembles the map of Florida!


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