Crossroads Irish Set & Ceili Dancers

Crossroads Dancers
Crossroads Dancers of West Palm Beach, Florida
“Our group teaches Irish Set & Ceili dances every Tuesday in West Palm Beach. Our main objective is to teach the Irish dances to the general public. We try to have a monthly dance for our students and the general public. Sometimes we have live Irish dance music at these monthly dances. American square dances are derived from these Irish dances. These dances are popular among elderly people in Ireland. In America they are popular among young people as well. These are not step dances like you see in Riverdance. We are not a performance group, for the most part, but we occasionally do a show at retirement homes and we do an annual show at the West Palm Beach Irish Fest. At the West Palm Beach Irish Fest we hosted an Irish dance tent. This tent had a wooden floor that we built at our expense. For 12 hours on Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday our volunteers taught Irish dances to Festival attendees. We also demonstrated many complicated Irish dances. Our dance tent had a live band to provide dance music for a few hours on Sunday. Please view our Facebook website which has many photos and the latest infomation:
Thank you, Liam Eagan”


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4 responses to “Crossroads Irish Set & Ceili Dancers

  1. Peter Hollins

    We are keen on Irish set dancing though not that good at it and are visiting Florida 22nd Jan to 2nd Feb when we leave to go on a cruise for a week from Miami. Are you planning a dance at this time we might be able to invite ourselves to. Just a thought. Peter and Mary Hollins

  2. “Crossroads Irish Set & Ceili Dancers | Florida Irish
    Heritage Center” Window Shade ended up being a very good read and therefore
    I really was in fact pretty glad to locate it. Many thanks-Leandra

  3. Bob Daye

    Nice to know there is Irish dancing on Tuesdays. Does anyone have info on the timing? Are visitors welcome?

    Bob Daye

  4. Terry Burke

    What are the detaiIs on the Monday dancing in Vero Beach?

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