Irish Genealogy Workshops and Assistance

The Florida Irish Heritage Center will help you discover your Irish roots and heritage. Learn how to access 2000 years of records relating to your Irish family. You will be amazed at what has been recently translated from ancient Irish documents into English and made available on-line.

We recently held Irish genealogy workshops at the IRISH FEST in West Palm Beach on March 13th, at the St. Patrick’s Day Street Party in Lake Worth on March 17th and at the FIHC Book Fair in Lake Worth on March 19th.

If you would like individual assistance, or would like to have the Florida Irish Heritage Center attend an event as a “help desk” or speaker, please contact us at:




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2 responses to “Irish Genealogy Workshops and Assistance

  1. I have just completed a work on Ireland’s Kings Genealogy now I realize this is nothing new but I have come across evidence that points towards a different chronology for the Kings. The other difference is that the chronology and genealogy seems to suggest that the Line of Irish Kings did indeed come through Spain But Via Carthage Crete and the City of Tyre I know that all the annals indicate that the Irish Lineage goes back to Magog and Japath to Noah. But I just could not find the link other than in the annals. But what I did find is a further Lineage back from Baoth in Scythia and again to Tyre to Macedonia there they were involved in the Murder of Philip of Macedonia Alexander’s Father where they were Kings in the city State of Milesia and finally to Greece. At the end of the day my chronology was out about 2 years over a period of 2500 years.

    I was not looking to trace Irish Genealogy I’m not even Irish I was doing DNA studies of Haplogroup X and ran into The Kings in Spain not knowing they were Irish at the time and traced them back from Spain to Greece. This Mil Espáine as he was called is a misname as this is merely a title not a name meaning Hero of Spain his actual name was Galahad or Galamh and he was married to Amy (Actually much longer in Egyptian) of Scothia and another woman Seang. Amy was the third daughter (not Blood) of a Pharoah who was given to the Pharoah as a diplomatic gesture by the King of Scothia or Scythia if you like and the Pharoah in turn gave the Scothian woman Amy to Galahad of Spain as a thanks for his assistance in battling the Nubians. I found Egyptian funerary records that recorded the marriage of all things. So I after tracing this line back I got curious as to where It went. That’s when I came across the Irish Lineage which was well documented but the chronology did not match up. I knew the Egyptian records were accurate and the Greek dating as well so I looked closely at the Irish Dating system and realized where the error originated from and easily fixed it and the puzzle of the chronology fit like a glove once I managed to sort out the Indegenious Kings from the Usurping Milesians from the south.

    The Irish History and Genealogy I have found and reconstructed is much deeper and richer than was thought. The reason these fellows could not be found in history is that the chronology was so far off looking for those names in the time frame given in the annals offers no help they just cannot be found I’m sure just based on the data I have complied there is much more to be discovered.

    So if you would like to have a look at the genealogy I have it posted on my web site at

    George Arnold

  2. John Ryan

    I’me Irish and in 1996 I visited my cousin Eileen Violetti, maiden name Cody, and her husband Norman in Lake Worth. They were involved in Irish groups in the Palm Beach/Lake Worth area. Did anyone know them. Both now sadly gone to their eternal rest. Great to see the work you are all doing. Many Indian tribes of the Great Lakes region have a high incidence of haplogroup x in their DNA. Very rare in most native Americans. It is highest in the Irish, especially of western Ireland. Haplogroup x is also high in the Basques of north west Spain. All three groupes have a specific type of haplogroup x which indicates a common ancestory. Crazy Horse really Irish, Sioux have a fairly high level 8%( guess)

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